Enso Skirt Review

by Nicky Spinks



I was sent an Enso Running Skirt in February 2017 but didnít get the chance to try it out (as I live on an exposed farm in Yorkshire ) until April. Then I took the plunge and wore it for the 37 mile Calderdale Hike on 1st April (which is also a running event) as the weather was forecast to be above 10C but with a few showers. I had tried the skirt on before and was impressed at the feel of the material, the fit and the length especially the longer length at the back as it felt good to have some leg covering there. The shorts underneath fitted very well however there isnít a gusset piece so I assumed I still had to wear separate underwear. The fit is really incredible. Nice and snug but without chaffing.














As I donít ever run with music and would carry a rucksack usually to hold my jacket/phone I am never likely to use the pockets underneath; maybe for a map or a gel. For the Calderdale Hike I thought the drawstrings would annoy me by tickling my legs all the way round so I tied them in a knot just below the hem of the skirt. This worked well as it kept them out the way and seemed to add weight to the skirt.

As the race is a long one I carry food and I put a Shot bloc tube in the front zipped pocket to start with. It fitted easily and didnít drag the hem down. After I had eaten half of it I put it in the smaller pocket on the hip with an elasticated opening. It stayed in there while running and was very accessible. I used the zipped pocket at the rear for rubbish and found I could open, put stuff in and close easily while running.














When the race started it was warm and the skirt felt lovely swishing around my legs. I felt a little conscious of it but there were other women in skirts which was reassuring. I loved running in it; the shorts are close to your legs keeping your muscles warm while the skirt swings about creating a nice breeze. After two hours we climbed onto an exposed moor and it started raining. I was soon wet at the front and the skirt was wet too and stuck to my legs which although feeling unpleasant was only what shorts would have done. The two layers though still meant that my legs were warm underneath. I put my waterproof on which didnít help the wet skirt situation as the water ran off the jacket down the skirt. When the shower had passed I took the jacket off and was impressed at how quickly the skirt dried out and felt just like before; light, soft and swished about.

So I ran in the skirt for 37 miles and 6.30 hours and would happily so the same again in temperatures of above 12C (my normal temperature for short wearing). I have just put it in the wash and will be able to review the durability in about a monthís time after more use.


Excellent fit both in the shorts and the skirt. Very nice length all round.

Lovely material, light but warm

Flattering style

Great pockets Ė big enough to be useful, secure and easy to access while running.


Like the other reviewer I shied away from running in it on my local golf course where there are lots of general public about. I also would wear something less flattering which is a shame but the way of the world.