Bradfield Boundary

Dec 29th 2007


The Bradfield Boundary is a yearly challenge organised by Dave Holmes of Loxley who also runs the website: The Bradfield Boundary Run - a forty-eight-mile challenge in the Peak District

I set off with 18 other runners 6am from Loxley School last Saturday. The weather was very windy and dry but rain was forecasted for the afternoon. The pace was reasonable and we were soon up on schedule. At Langsett there was bacon butties all round and then it was off down the valley and up onto Outer Edge. The winds across Howden edge pushed us behind schedule as it was impossible (for lightweight me anyway) to run !

The weather was dry though until the afternoon then we got hail and high winds across Stannage but at least by then we had done all the high level running. The group split up between Westend and Moscar with there being 10 in the 1st group who pushed on in the hope of getting under 12 hours.

We got to the river crossing in Sheffield with about 20 minutes to go and although it had been very wet on top the river was reasonably deep but not flowing very fast so was ok. It was then a last minute dash up the roads and ginnels back to the school with 4 minutes to spare.


Location Split Total Time
Start to Moor Hall Bridge 1.30:50 01.30

Van stop

0.05:45 01.36
Moor Hall Bridge to Langsett 1.51:16 03.27

Van stop

0.17:48 03.45
Langsett to Howden Resevoir 3.00:42 06.46

Van stop

0.05:59 06.52
Howden Res to Derwent Dam car park 0.36:46 07.29

Van stop

0.14:49 07.43
Derwent Dam to Moscar 1.18:46 09.02

Van stop

0.07:59 09.10
Moscar to Rivelin Dam wall 1.31:52 10.42

Van stop

0.06:12 10.48
Rivelin Dam to Loxley school 1.07:48 11.56


All the photos are on the Dark Peak website: Bradfield Photos