Nicky and Rosie successfully complete the Yorkshireman

Off Road Marathon for Charity.


Nicky Spinks, Rosie and her father Steve Burgess ready for off at the start of the Yorkshireman.


Sunday dawned a very misty, grey day but we had confidence that the sun would get out and so were prepared for hot weather. The start was very busy as the Half Yorkshireman is run at the same time. We set off in a mass of people but as the first hill is only half a mile away the field soon spread out.


I was trying to concentrate on not setting off too fast and actually spent most of the first half worrying that I had. Once past half way I started to enjoy it and although my legs were tired I was passing people and able to walk briskly up the steeper hills. The sun came out in force and made it very hot. I was glad of my brother Charlie with extra support and energy drinks although the race organisers provide ample water, cakes, bananas etc.

We had decided that I would run alone and Rosie and Steve would run together. It was nice to get updates from Charlie as to their progress !! We all stayed on our predicted schedules and arrived at the checkpoints and support on time.


I was aiming for 4.30 hrs and was on the last mile at 4.22 so ran all the way from there completely out of breath. I was really pleased that the clock showed 4.30.38 when I finished !!!


Steve and Rosie came in at 5.23, seven minutes under their predicted time of 5.30 hours. They were both very happy with their runs.


The food and showers provided were very welcome and overall the organisation and friendliness of Keighley and Craven made it a very good day out.


Nicky raised 350 for Challenge Cancer Through Adventure and 750 for Cancer Research UK while Rosie raised 450 for Challenge Cancer. The web pages will be open until November for anyone else wishing to donate. The addresses are and