Personal Coaching


One to One Coaching

I offer one to one coaching for people wishing to succeed at either their first Ultra or get better and faster at Ultras of any distance; especially mountainous ones. I have a wealth of experience in 24 Hour rounds and can coach runners on every aspect of training and preparing for a 24 hour round such as the Bob Graham. 

I have been coaching Juniors at Penistone Footpath Runners for eight years now; taking Level 1, Level 2 and my Athletics Coach qualifications. In 2016 I completed the Fell Coaching in Running Fitness course with the Fell Running Association. So with 10 years of Ultra race/round experience and my coaching qualifications I feel that I can provide the best possible training advice, plans and race / round schedules. I am offering the following options at the moment...

1) An initial 150 for setup and an 8 week plan then you can receive weekly feedback and advice for a monthly payment of between 85/100 a month depending on how much advice you would like per month. 

2) One off Training Plans / Race or round schedules for between 150 and 200 depending whether you would like a strength training program as well. 

3) One to one coaching days for approximately 200 / 250 depending on your location / travel etc 


I see myself as being able to offer an overall "approach" to training and preparation for Ultras as well a race strategy and motivation to complete the challenge. 

Please contact me for details by email "  nicky(@)   " or telephone 07548 283545.