24th - 27th July 07


This was intended to be a full recce of the route. Steve and I planned to camp and stay in one bothy over the 4 days. As it was only my second time in the area I had noted quite a few "get out" routes as we didn't really know how far we could travel in a day or what the weather was going to be like.

In the end we did all the route except the 3 hills after Loch Treig and we then missed out 1 "out and back" on the mamores when rain was approaching and we wanted to set up camp instead !!

Day 1 Glen Nevis to Leacach bothy.





























Day 2 - Bothy to Loch Treig - stocked up from drop bags ! Walked alongside loch and then along RR route to Loch Elide Beag where we camped. In the morning the Loch had risen 6 inches due to all the rain overnight !!










Day 3 - Loch Elide Beag over the Mamores to Lochan Coire nam Miseach (on route to Stob Ban). A lovely place to camp - nice stream, nice breeze (to keep mossies away) and nice view.

Pic below is Loch Elide Beag, we also saw a herd of red deer, a pole cat and a hare over the 4 days.














































Day 4 - The weather was very foggy and rainy so I never got the camera out. We only had Stob Ban and Mullach nan Coirean to climb and then a long descent into Glen Nevis. Then showered in the campsite - ate more food and drove home.

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