Lakes May 2012


I went to the Lakes with Keith Holmes, Ian Fitzpatrick, Helen Elmore and Tim Whittaker to recce race routes, the Joss Naylor and bits of the BG (Broad Stand) which I have been meaning to for ages but the weather has always been awful. Setting off from Wasdale we climbed Scafell which seemed a very hard climb and has put me off anti clockwise BG's forever. We then had a look at the route down to Broad Stand and back as I have always ended up in a horrid wet gully (like on my record last year). That was good and the weather so perfect that we had time to amble / scramble about happily. We then ran round via Foxes Tarn to the top of Scafell Pike, across the Corridor route to start a recce of Leg 4 of the Joss. It was quite a long day by the time we descended Middle Fell back to our cars but what a wonderful day in once a month-time perfect weather.




Saturday night we camped at a lovely spot in Esdale at  I would recommend this site to anyone who prefers the traditional campsite where the farmer is friendly and  and flexible. The site has basic but very functional facilities, open fires are allowed (the farmer does a good bag of wood for 3). Its very quiet and has brilliant views.




On Sunday we reccied the Great Lakes race from Cockley Beck - once again in perfect weather.