Personal Coaching


I started running in 2001 and so have 17 years' experience of fell and ultra running, successfully completing ten 24 hour Rounds holding the record for the Ladies Lakeland 24 hour round with 64 Peaks in 23.15 hours. I also held the Ladies records for all three UK rounds; BG 18.06, Paddy 19.02 and Ramsay 19.39. In 2016 I broke the record for the Double Bob Graham finishing in 45.30 hours and in 2018 attempted a Double Ramsay Round but was thwarted by temperatures of 26C and went on to complete in 55.56 hours.

In racing I prefer long mountainous fell races such as 10 Peaks Extreme winning outright and current course record holder, the Ultra Tour Mont Blanc (11th & 16th) , E’Chappee Belle (2nd),  Grand Raid Pyrenees (1st twice) and Grand Raid Re-Union (4th).  

I am also a beef farmer and hold a BA in Business Studies. I really do understand what it’s like trying to balance a demanding unpredictable job, training and racing while determined to enjoy life especially after my cancer diagnosis in 2006.  I can help you train specifically for all levels of Ultras from 26 miles to 100 miles and the 24 hour rounds. I can develop your racing strategy, improve your racing fueling and increasing your mental strength.

As a certified Coach in Running Fitness (CiRF) with the Fell Running Association I also run coaching sessions with Due North and Hardmoors to assess and work on uphill and downhill strength and technique. 



Coaching Stories

I believe in running lower mileage but quality mileage and in developing you a plan that fits in around your work, home and lifestyle. None of the successes below were on high training workload plans but all felt strong in their races and all were successful; with many being surprised with their result. I am gaining confidence and experience in my coaching belief and really enjoy helping and seeing people achieve their dreams.

2017 - James Gregory coached to a sub 20 hour Thames Path 100 , Anthony Prior to being a CCC Finisher, Emma Williams was a UTMB Finisher -  CCC & UTMB , Elisabet Barnes 3rd and Rebecca Ferry 4th Ladies respectively at Everest Trail Race

2018 - James Gregory coached to a 17th place in the Celtman Triathlon , Roger Barr to a 23.45 hour Bob Graham, Alex Pilgrim from a Half Marathon runner to a successful finisher in the two day, 100km Race to the Stones , Tim Hayle (endorsement below) to a 23.23 hour Bob Graham, Chris Elland to a sub 23 hour Bob Graham.

I'm also currently coaching two ladies from 10k to the Yorkshireman Full Off road Marathon, one lady from 20 mile fell race to the Lakes in a Day race and two people to the CCC - all for Autumn 2018. For 2019 I'm coaching one man to the Dragon's Back race and one man to the Bob Graham in 2019 - amongst other ongoing athletes to various aspirations.


Tim Hayle - Coaching Endorsement

Nicky’s coaching was the foundation for my successful Bob Graham attempt.  Before working with Nicky I’d been a regular road runner between 5k and half marathon distance and only occasionally venturing into the fells.  Her training plan for me was far more structured than anything I’d done before.  It was stretching but achievable and I saw real progress. Along the way I got a marathon PB and ran the three peaks fell race for the first time which was a fantastic experience, largely thanks to Nicky’s tactics.  Her knowledge of the Bob Graham route helped me prepare for recce’s, try out different routes and learn from my navigational mistakes.  Her confidence in me built confidence in myself and whilst I only had glimmers of hope up until the final weeks, going into it I felt I had a real shot.  Her final bits of advice turned out to be crucial when the wheels threatened to come off.  The feeling at Moot Hall was amazing and I marvel at the idea that anyone could then go out and do the whole thing again.   

Details and Contact

Please call me on 07548 283545 or email to book any of the Training programmes listed below. If you have questions or would like a chat to help you decide if coaching is right for you and which plan to opt for then please contact me. If you would like something not listed above then please do not hesitate to contact me for an informal chat.

In all the below options I research your current level of fitness by asking you to complete a Questionnaire then I'll study your race results and current training schedule using Strava and your given information. I will then make up a plan tailored to your work/life commitments and deliver it in 8 week blocks. Throughout the coaching I can adapt the plan depending on your life demands / training commitments change. I will keep an ongoing Training Log of how you are progressing (unless you prefer I didn't) so that I can adapt the next plan to build on your current training. I will also research the race / round that you are doing and provide a race strategy for you.

Training Plans and Prices

Setup (£100)

Setup is required for all plans due to their bespoke nature and the complex process of the research that I will do into your previous training and race results. In the setup you fill in a questionnaire and we have the necessary conversations and correspondence to ensure the plan will meet your needs and suit your schedule and preferences. You only pay setup once, unless you take a break of 6+ months from the coaching in which case a new setup may be required.

Bronze: Basic Training Plan (£100 per 8 week plan)

This is the most basic option and ideal if you have one A race and prefer to be self-sufficient with minimal support. With this option I deliver for you a completely bespoke 8 week Training plan (without strength training). Throughout the plan you have weekly e-mail support about your progression, races entered and any setbacks. I will change the plan to reflect this.

Silver: Flexible Training Plan & "A" Race analysis, schedules and maps (£100 monthly)

With this option I deliver completely bespoke Training plans to you in blocks of 8 weeks. We will  exchange weekly emails to review your progress and plan / change the next phase. I will research your A races in depth and provide you with bespoke analysis, pacing schedule and race strategy. This would be suitable if you are happy to be reasonably self-sufficient but would like regular guidance, questions answered and the benefits of a more flexible plan.

Gold: Flexible Unlimited Training and Plyometric Plans (£150 monthly)

With this option I deliver a completely bespoke Training and Plyometric (strength training) plans to you, typically in blocks of 8 weeks. We will exchange weekly emails to review your progress and plan the next phase. I will research and deliver, for all your races, race analysis, schedules and racing strategies that are bespoke to you.  I will also provide advice and  guidance on all aspects of Ultra racing / rounds such as nutrition, pacing, injuries and support.

One off Coaching Days

I am also happy to provide bespoke one to one coaching for between £200 and £400 depending on group size, location and requirements. Please contact me on the details above.