19th April 2008


Phil Hodgson, Clare Kenny, Nick Harris, Oz Kershaw and Ali Chant and myself set off from Aberglasyn at 7.50am after sorting cars out. The weather was cloudy with a cold NE wind but good visibility. Bryn Banog and Hebog seemed a slog until we had warmed up. The ground was surprisingly dry and we got good grip on the descents. The wind picked up about 10am which made descending hard work.

Phil and Clare on top of Moel Hebog


Nick and Clare, Oz and Ali - at the "cafe"


Clare and Nick dropped off to Rhyd Ddu after Y Gryn leaving the four of us to battle winds along Nantille ridge.

Ali and Oz on Mynedd Drws y Coed


Looking back from Y Garn to Mynedd Drws y Coed

We met up with Clare and Phil again at Rhyd Ddu where it was very windy and cold. After sandwiches etc Phil, Oz, Ali and I set off up Craig Wen. We were going directly into the winds now and it was a hard ascent to the ridge. Once on top we seemed to be in and out of winds until the very top of Snowdon where it was hands and knees for the very last bit. The ice had been sculptured wonderfully though and it was a great experience being there. 


Nearing the summit of Snowdon


Ice sculptured in the winds

Descending towards Moel Cynghorion


View across Rhyd Ddu


PB Recces