Haglof Kit

Haglof  Endo Jacket - I was wearing a Ladies Medium which fitted snugly. I would usually have gone for a larger size but this fitted me well and I would have lost the benefit of the snug fitting which keeps the wind out. I was initially surprised there was only one map pocket but soon got used to it and actually we never run with our hands in our pockets and they are just another place that fills with water. The chest pocket proved to be the right size for my map and compass. The zips overall look odd as they are the ones that keep rain out - on use they fasten and close easily as they have a long pull cord. The back is very long which I liked as it keeps the water from running down your bottom. I wasn't too enamoured by the colour but everyone said how easy it was to spot me coming all the way down Scafell so that's a plus. It's also very bright and easy to locate when finding it in a rucksak full of black stuff. The hood has a drawstring on it to keep it tight. It was good to pull right over your head and has a peak to keep rain from dripping down your face. The sleeves were long and I actually used the thumb loops when my wrists were getting cold. This is the first time I have ever used thumb loops as on other jackets I have had with thumb loop the sleeves have never been long enough for them to be of any use.

Describing it to the others I said "it feels like the Harvey Nick's of running jackets".

Active Cool Q Zip - this can only just be seen in blue as I wore my jacket all the time. It was very comfy and felt very windproof. I wore it under a Raidlight Trail Zip short sleeved T-shirt which is quite close fitted and works well as a second layer over a baselayer. I was warm and the combination meant I could undo both zips when warm and close everything up when the wind picked up across Great End all the way to Wasdale.

3/4 Knee Tights - these 3/4 length tights fitted well and came to just below the knee. The sticky rubber meant that they didn't ride up over my knees even when climbing steeply up Billy Blands Rake. The material is thicker than normal lycra and I was glad of this when it hailed on us going up Raise. My thighs stayed warm even when wet and the tights dried out quickly in the wind across Scafell.

Active Liner Gloves - I agree with what Amanda says about these gloves. They are as small as the basic gloves we carry to pass kit check yet provide much more warmth when worn. They got quite a bit of stick as we were also using our hands climbing up West Wall Traverse but kept my hands warm. As they are so small I could put them in the chest pocket when I wasn't wearing them

Cool Beanie - . I wore the beanie all the time. It felt very snug and stayed on in the strong winds.  I was also pleased that it managed to control all my loose hair and kept it out of my eyes.