2019 /2020 Winter Mondays Results and League Table

Scoring is your percentage of the winners time. Best 5 Total Scores count for final points. There are Eleven races

Bonus Points: If you equal, or get a higher percentage than your previous run. Will be shown as +10. If you beat your previous time round the same course as a 'Repeat'. It will be shown as +10

  Race 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Race 9Race 10Race 11Race 12TotalBest 5
Nick Kirk1100.0%-----------100.00100.00
Ellie Crownshaw884.1%-----------84.0984.09
Pez Holda-------------.00.00
Mike Annett395.6%-----------95.6095.60
Simon Dixon-------------.00.00
Martyn Jones-------------.00.00
Nicky Spinks785.1%-----------85.0685.06
Annette Parker-------------.00.00
Jim Paxman489.3%-----------89.2589.25
Keith Holmes983.8%-----------83.8283.82
Barry Needle1069.2%-----------69.1969.19
Anne Beresford-------------.00.00
Chris Charlesworth588.5%-----------88.5288.52
Michael Squires-------------.00.00
Ian Winterburn297.7%-----------97.7597.75
Kev Saville-------------.00.00
Duncan Rance-------------.00.00
Rose Paxman685.1%-----------85.1185.11
Wendy Groom-------------.00.00
Adrian Davis-------------.00.00
Tomas Parzych-------------.00.00
Jo Yeoman-------------.00.00