Virtual B-M 2020 / 2021 Series

The Virtual B-M races started up as something nice to do while Covid 19 is on and that we could all do from our respective homes. Please be sensible and don't run other walkers etc down. If you need to race hard then go when it's quiet. All the races start and finish at your House

1) How to take part in Series 5. Email me on if you haven't taken part before.
2) Devise a route that is as near to four miles as you can, with 1000ft if possible, that starts and finishes at your house. BUT do not worry if you're route is longer, shorter or has more/less climb.

3)  Each week there will be two races. The four mile route (usually known as Virtual BM) and a score event. You can run both or either race at anytime between Tuesday morning and Sunday evening. And then post your results on the facebook group or email me if you don't do Facebook - by Sunday night.

4) The Score event is using an OS map and only the control/items that have the word written on the map will count.  In the case of a collection of item ie footbridges you only get points for the word not the number of footbridges there happen to be on the ground). You have one hour to collect as many points as possible. If you are back over the hour you will lost 1 point per minute (therefore sometimes it is worth being a few minutes late and collecting an extra 10 points). If the item is on Private property then get as near to it as you can.

5) You will get 5 bonus points running in the dark  - on both races
6) You will get 5 points running dressed in the "Extra Dimension" - in the dark
7) You will get 10 points if you run in daylight in your Extra Dimension costume - on one race. "Extra Dimension " is running dressed in the specific theme of that week. Photo evidence is required to be posted on FB or emailed to me (and I will post on fb)

Last Updated: 23rd February - Results of Race 11 and 12 are up. There are two sets for race 12 - the most ascent and the least ascent! Well done Tim and Amelia

The Score event details are up for this week and next week. The Extra Dimension this week Three Things that you are looking forward to doing or having this year!

You get 15 extra points (plus sometimes more) for running in costume on either of the runs. But only on one of the runs. You can get 5 extra points for running a race in the dark. 






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