Virtual B-M 2020 Series

The Virtual B-M races started up as something nice to do while Covid 19 is on and that we could all do from our respective homes.

To take part in Series 4.....
You have from Monday to Sunday to run the race and let me know via email or Facebook your score/time/route
The race must start and finish WITHIN 5 MILES OF your house or Holiday destination residence.
One Hour to collect as many of the points on the list as possible.
And a Time penalty of 10 points per minute that you are late back over the hour.

If you are not on Facebook then email me your times/details after each race on

11th August - The Fifth Score of the 4th Series results are up.  And over to Keith as the winner. Down to four runners now and I'm liking getting 10% bonus when I'm last! It's the last race this week and all to play for.

If on holiday then you can use that as your base and do the Score anywhere within 5 miles of that location.

Results of Series Three Cake's below - to be redeemed for cake (choice of Lemon Drizzle, Orange & Sultana, Banana & Cherry or Apple cake) - when restrictions allow - or via Keith/Summer Series!

1st Man


Charlie Elliot

2nd Man


Ryan Elliot

3rd Man


Andy Holt

1st Lady


Nicky Spinks

2nd Lady


Clare Oliffe

3rd Lady


Lynn Denton

1st Boy


Thomas Bradley

2nd Boy


George Doyle

1st Girl


Amelia Theobald (2nd Junior Overall)

2nd Girl


Lucy Shaw (2nd Junior Overall)

1st V50 Man


Ian Charlesworth

1st V60 Man


Keith Holmes

1st V70 Man


Barry Needle






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