End of Winter 09  Handicap Race    

Bob was First Man! and Jane was First Lady.

I've guessed at Darren's time by how far in front of me he was as I didn't record it last night!

Bob Innes 6.35pm 47.50 Dave Foster 6.35pm 49.42
Keith Holmes 6.40pm 48.30 Kelvin Bowskill 6.35pm 49.42
Rus Beresford 6.40pm 48.39 Nicky Spinks 6.37pm 50.59
Darren Unwin 6.44pm 48.45 Geoff Dimelow 6.34pm 51.44
Jane Cockerton 6.30pm 49.25      


Darren Unwin 33.45 Dave Foster 44.42
Keith Holmes 38.30 Kelvin Bowskill 44.42
Rus Beresford 39.39 Geoff Dimelow 47.44
Bob Innes 42.50 Jane Cockerton 49.25
Nicky Spinks 43.59    







League Table