2016 / 2017 Winter Mondays Individual Race Results 

Scoring is your percentage of the winners time. 
Bonus Points - 10- if you equal, or get a higher percentage than your previous run.
will be shown as +10
                   - 10   if you beat your previous time round the same course as a "Repeat".
will be shown as +10

  Best 5 race scores to count.

Race 1 Midhopestones  6 miles 621m climb
Race 2 Bar Dyke  
Race 3 Walker Edge  
Race 4 Moorhall Reservoir  
Race 5 Wiztwizzle Reverse  
Race 6 Brightholmlee  
Race 7 More Lane Top  
Race 8 Ewden/Wiztwizzle  
Race 9 Wiztwizzle Repeat  
Race 10 Moor Lane Top Repeat  
Race 11 Ewden/Wiztwizzle Repeat