4th February - things have improved greatly this weekend. My dad came down from Lewis for the week which was lovely. I managed my speed session on Thursday after another massage with Jeff Cole at then on Saturday I ran the Wadsworth Trog race in cold, snowy conditions. It was very wet underfoot and with my back still feeling sore I started off steady. There was very little grip through the soft snow and small steps were needed to get anywhere. Knowing the course is more runnable now helps as I know what to expect and plough out the crosscountry sections without too much grumbling! I was trying to run all the way as I've been frustrated with my lack of training runs and so thought I would try and make up for it. I ate well and with the snow the flagged sections were actually slower than usual which actually helped me as less people passed me than normal.

I was about 4th or 5th most of the way round but I passed a couple of ladies in the later half. Then came the only navigational bit and I set off on the way I know rather than following runners heading off in another direction. I didn't know whether I had made a good decision as I was now on my own with only the runners behind (probably following me) for company. I ran on to the last CP and headed down the valley knowing that there is a long steep climb to finish. It was a bit randomly marked so I had to back track a bit but made the footbridge and started the uphill fields. The fields were so muddy it felt like  being on a treadmill not moving! But with no-one in front and no-one behind I plodded upwards. Finishing was really nice not having anyone to sprint against. I found out later that I was 2nd behind Sharon Jebb and about 5 minutes slower than last year. Wadsworth-trog-results-2018/

Then today Steve wanted a walk so I went for a 10 mile run around Derwent Edge to meet him. So I'm really happy with how my training seems to be back on track now.

I've also written up the Trigger 2018 report - rather briefly but it's hard once the race has passed to remember everything. I was so happy the weather and the day went very well. Trigger 2018


23rd January - After a great race on the Trigger I was snow bound for most of the week with the roads being too grid locked for travel being worthwhile. Then on Thursday I was shoved over by some cattle which resulted in a very bad back. I've had back twinges before but nothing like this. So after a massage and lots of stretches I was able to run again very carefully on Monday night. It was so frustrating to be going steady but worth it as my back felt better afterwards. Socks are still a challenge but I feel like I'm improving daily now.

16th January - The Trigger Fell race was last weekend - held on the 14th January. Once again we had a full race early on but lots of injuries and colds meant that on the day we had 170 runners registered on a relatively calm and benign day. This was a relief after last year. In fact that became the most said phrase "It's so much better than last year". With clear (ish) visibility, temperatures of around 4C and freezing on the tops it was a very pleasant race for me. As usual it takes me to around Bleaklow to run off the stresses of organising and also to get onto ground that I prefer - instead of tracks and slabs. I really enjoyed the race and seeing all the Woodhead Mountain Rescue marshalls on route. What a great day! Thank you all.

6th January - With a few people reccying the Ramsay Round it was a good excuse to visit and run in the Highlands again. I travelled up with Majka, Pez and Wisp to meet up with Jim Paxman and Tim Rippon. There was more snow than I have ever seen before but we made good use of our winter gear and the good weather and got three good days in. Not much distance was covered but we managed three Munros a day! Wisp was named the "Wisp the Wonder dog" by the end as she developed amazing snow running techniques. Photos

2017 Christmas and New Year - in March 2017 we bought a property in Galloway in Pinwherry. It's very rural and needs quite a lot of work doing to it but we were keen to spend Christmas  there and so travelled up on Christmas Eve and were there until New Years Day. It was lovely to relax and work but also explore the surrounding area. Friends that came to stay got stuck in the snow but luckily it came and went quickily. I had hoped to run round the Ring of Fire in the Galloway Forest Park but the snow on the hills and ice on the roads put paid to that so I made do with typical forest tracks, rides but also some lovely snowy runnable hills! Happy New Year everyone. I hope 2018 is a good one.