Diary 2006

10th September 2006 - Me, Steve and Rosie ran the Yorkshireman Off Road Marathon to raise money for Cancer Research and Challenge Cancer Through Adventure. Link to race report

17th December 2006 - Steve and I went for a day's climbing tuition with Don Mabbs from Challenge Cancer Through Adventure. We spent the morning at the Foundary climbing wall in Sheffield then went to a quarry to practise abseiling (which I don't like) and climbing (which I do!). The whole day was fantastic and we will have another day's tuition once I have recovered from my next operation.

25th December 2006 - Steve and I ran up to Rocking Stones through fog and rain as we had promised we would back in July when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer. It was very good to be back there and we had champagne to celebrate.

10th November 2006 - Another hospital visit for more expansion. Last one though and not as sore as last time. Down for operation (to replace expander with silicone implant) in January. That would be excellent timing wise as we start calving in February and also (not more importantly really !) I have just entered our mixed team for Watershed on 3rd March !!!



6th November 2006 - We had a great weekend in Wales. The weather was excellent on Saturday and clear but cold and windy on Sunday. Here are some pictures:




OMM was good. I knew about the terrain as I had done the Heart of Granite in August there so we were very careful not to over stretch. Day 1 was rainy and misty but went ok. I was cold by the time we got to camp - I got in the tent and stayed there till 8pm by which time I had eaten lots and warmed up. Day 2 we did comparatively better but luck did play her hand in that !! Never the less we are very pleased with 53rd place in Long Score


9th December 2006 - Having offered to support John Fleetwood on his Winter Paddy Buckley round I was put on the leg from Aberglasyn to Rhyd Ddu. The weather was cloudy with hill fog and rain/hail showers. I was worried about navigating in the dark but it went ok ! John was very tired and did really well to keep going. I really enjoyed it and it was good to see John get round next morning.

4th December 2006 - My pre-assessment went very well. It was nerve racking when the nurse rang appointments to confirm my operation date but she came back and said 4th Jan so that's the main thing.

3rd December 2006 - I started Tankies full of reservations about my ankle and my pre-assessment appointment on the following Monday. After running 4 miles I retired and ran back to Marsden as I felt sick, tired and heavy legged. It was a big dissapointment for me. Strangely enough Steve also retired at the Snake with lack of energy. Rosie carried on and completed in 5.12 hours which is a great achievement. 

21st November 2006 - did the DPFR Winter Monday series last night - managed to fall off the edge of the road when blinded by a car and turned my ankle. Its not too bad and I'm hoping with rest, ice / heat it will be ok for Tankies on the 3rd Dec.

20th November 2006 - rang up about my pre assessment today. I have managed to get pencilled in for my next operation on the 4th January which is about the best timing I could ever hope for. The pre assessment is on 4th December but there shouldn't be any reason I can't be a day case. I'll just be happier when its in pen, and even happier when its done.

15th November 2006 - I have bought a small runabout and recce van. Its in need of some t-cut and clean  but runs very well.

22nd October 2006 - training was going quite well this week until I went for expansion on Friday and am now quite sore. I am hoping it will ease quickly. We are doing OMM next week and so I can get ready for that instead of running this weekend.