2007 Diary


31st Dec - this is it for this year - I will consign this page to 2007 Diary and start afresh !!

Christmas and New Year has its own page Christmas 07 

29th Dec - Third time in a row I completed the Bradfield Boundary; an excellent way to burn off the excess calories and end the year. Bradfield Boundary page

18th Dec - Today I have been to Don Mabbs service at Markeaton Crematorium. It was an excellent service. Although I have only know Don a couple of years he has been an important part of my life and I feel it was a privilege to have known him.

9th Dec - Penistone had a mixed team in the Calderdale Relay. I ran Leg 6 with Geoff Dimelow and enjoyed the hills but not the canal (whats new?). Calderdale Way Relay results

2nd December - Me and Steve did Tankies Trog in what was described as the worse weather ever. I did 4.24 and felt good, was 2nd Lady (by a minute - but I didn't know that at the time). The reccying paid off as I didn't go wrong once which is nice. Steve did 5.50 which is very good considering he hasn't run since OMM. Link to  Results 2007 pdf

23/24th/25th November - Tom, me, Mark and Rob had an excellent weekend in Scotland. The weather was sometimes fierce but ok. All pictures etc on Nov 24th Recce

18th November- Today I met up with Amanda on the Snake for some Tankies reccying. There was a lot of snow around and we had a couple of moments but found our way over to the Pennine Way and back ok.







17th Nov - I did Tour of Pendle and really enjoyed it. My legs were tired but ok going up or down - just proper running they struggled with. I was aiming for 3.30 and did 3.29.30 so really pleased.

8th/9th/10th Nov - Went to Scotland. Writeup and pictures on Nov 10th Ramsay recce

6th November - the weather was excellent for Kinder Dozen on 4th November and me, Richard Hakes and Dave Holmes completed it in 8 hours and a couple of minutes ! Mark Harvey came along for a few hours and bossed us around so that he could get some good pictures. Route details and Map:-



I did OMM Long Score with Steve and had a really good weekend (apart from being cold and wet at times). Managed to come top of Penistone Leader Board - something we have never managed before. Results on SPORTident Results









20th October - I'm back running now. Today I did DPFR championship and although it was tough I enjoyed it.

Last Monday was Winter Monday training which was good and last Saturday I was drafted in to do Leg 4 of the Fell Relays and had a reasonable run. That was the last time I wore the support as my stomach doesn't mind the jigging about now !!

8th October - the first Winter Monday went well with 14 people competing. I set off intending to see how it went wearing my back support reversed so that it does a good job of holding the stomach in. It was fine - I enjoyed the ups and was careful on the downs and it was great. Results are up !

6th October - just walked Grin and Bear it 15 mile moorland - it was enjoyable to be on the moors but I much prefer running !! Tried a few jogs and all ok so will go for a run tomorrow and see. Run was good - downhill a bit jolty but ok.

3rd October - well I managed a 5 mile walk on Sunday round Winscar Res and today have reccied (walking) the last leg of Calderdale Way Relay which is 10 miles and took 3.30 hours. I had the staples out yesterday and now have two rows of puncture holes until they heal up. Me, Steve and Rosie are walking the Grin & Bear It on Saturday.

I have worked out my diary of possible Ramsay recce's and other away trips which will probably be Paddy Buckley recce or Joss Naylor recce's. Link to  Reccying plan

Tanky sent his Trog details etc to Dark Peak where it is on the news page. Here's a link to Tanky's Trog details and form








28th Sept - The operation was a success in that the surgeon removed the cyst and zapped the rest of the endometriosis that he could find. I came round quickly and was up and about a couple of hours later. After I had showered on Wed am they said I could go home !! Not sure about the huge scar but at least the staples are coming out on Tues and I can get about quite a bit already.


24th September - Mull was very enjoyable and we seemed to get lucky with the weather. I have put the pictures etc on  Martyn's Last Munroe page

16th September - Yesterday I did Peris Horseshoe with the aim of not setting off too fast (like I did in 2005) and beating my 2005 time of 5.04 hours. I was right at the back going up Elidir Fawr and berating myself for being slow and tired but once on Y Garn I warmed up a bit and felt much better. I finished 33rd in a time of 4.55 hours and was 1st Vet 40 Woman. This is definitely a classic race. Link to Results

On the 9th September I did the Mountain Trial and was 9th in the woman's trial. After the initial couple of points I settled down into it and was pleased with my position and time of 4.41 hours. Link to Lake District Mountain Trial Association website

7th August - Steve and I spent 4 days in Scotland reccying the Ramsay Round. I have added a Ramsay page from the main menu and have put pictures etc on there Link to  July Recce 07








4th/5th August - Amanda Heading attempted the BG however the weather was a lot worse in the Lakes than forecasted and they aborted off the Helvellyn ridge. She has decided to wait until next year before having another attempt as is busy this year racing in Europe and doing Grand Raid Re-Union.

I am supporting Iain Ridgeway on the PB on the 10th/11th August - weather permitting. If cancelled I am tempted to go upto Scotland again !

12th August - Yesterday I supported Iain Ridgeway on his successful Paddy Buckley Round in 21.30.46. Initially I was worried about the 4 hours that he had scheduled for Capel to the quarries but once we had set off it was obvious that he was still very strong and we achieved it easily and actually only took 6.15 hours to do from Capel to finish (which was the start of the road before Nantmor) instead of the 7.20 that he had scheduled. I have been very impressed with his preparation for the PBR  which has certainly paid off in the outstanding time. This is a link to his account: Sarah's Blog of Running: Paddy Buckley Round

10th August - I did the Cracken Edge race from Hayfield on Wednesday and was only a minute slower than last year which was pleasing as we have had a hard week on the farm.

20th July - I have added my piece on Breast Cancer from the Home Page. Running wise I did the Osmotherley Pheonix which is part of the Run Further series then the week later I did Wasdale which I found much more enjoyable as it was more hilly and less track running.

We managed to get our silage done and all the various cows/bulls moved to new pastures green and not so muddy. This weekend we are off to a Land Rover show then coming back here and going up to Scotland on Monday for a weeks reccying. Hope the midges aren't too horrid !


22nd August - Last weekend I ran the Rhayader Trial with John Rowe. The route had been extended to 43 miles for the Montrail series and is the last counter that I needed. I think everyone underestimated just how long it was going to take. We arrived at the cutoff at 3.52 - the cutoff being 3.30pm but were told that as only 6 people (Mark Hartell & co) had got there by 3.30pm they had extended it.

The terrain was tussocky bogs, tracks and non existent paths and both John and I are returning next year as we feel that we could do much better with prior knowledge. I think we were about 15th out of 22 finishers (35 starters) in a time of 10.32 hours.

4th September - I have to have an operation to remove a cyst in my ovary that has burst and is now 9cm; its been giving me pain on short runs / races where I'm putting immediate effort in (that's now my excuse for being rubbish !). After the initial shock I hassled for a date which is now the 25th September.

Last week I had a quick trip to Scotland and it was brilliant. I have put photos and description on recce page.

This Sun I'm doing Lake District Mountain Trial for the 1st time = scary ! On the 15th Sept I'm doing Peris and then the weekend after (22nd/23rd) I'm going to Mull with Martyn Goodwin and co to walk his last Munroe. Getting as much in as possible now !!!


1st July - I have had to postpone Scotland to the week of 23rd July as we haven't finished our silage yet. I ran the Carneddau race last week which was good but have felt tired all week as a result. I have joined the Bothy association and am looking into a bulk buy of midge repellant too. The plan is to do a full recce of the Charlie Ramsay round with Steve and camping or staying in bothies along the way.

25th June - I supported on the DPFR BG last weekend (14th/15th). Well done to Ian Charlesworth, Toby, Russel Berseford and John Rowe who all got round in quite wet and gloomy conditions. To get back to Wales I did the Carneddau race on 24th June. Another wet and claggy day but I really enjoyed it.

Hoping to go upto Scotland next week if we can get the silaging done - what a wet June !!

3rd June - I have spent a couple of weeks taking it easy and have recovered quickly. Its nice just to do the races and runs you fancy without thinking of training specifically. Saying that I have bought the maps for the Ramsay Round and am hoping to go up at the end of June to recce it !

24th May - Yes I have done it. Read all about it in the Paddy Buckley pages.

13th May - no I haven't done it. After much deliberation I postponed it to next weekend if the weather is ok. I went on the Snowdon webcam on Sat 12th May morning also to watch it raining heavily and confirm that I had made the right decision. I have moved all the recce news to the Paddy Buckley page and added my schedule.

28th April - I completed the Derwent Dambusters which is run by Challenge Cancer Through Adventure. It was a lovely day and a pleasant route too.

5th May - also with CCTA I went climbing and did a radio interview for Radio Derby !! Listen to it here Radio Derby Interview 

17th April - I have been very busy running and farming and just haven't had much time in between. Training for the Paddy Buckley is going well with my 1st window set for 11th/12th May and the 2nd for the 18th / 19th May. If the weather is rubbish for both those weekends I will try to muster more support for a June attempt.

I have been to Wales reccying the route and getting in long days in the hills. Steve and I also went to the Isle of Man over Easter and did the Manx Mountain Marathon. It was a lovely trip; the island is fabulous. The race is well organised and marshalled with plenty of water stops and an excellent buffet at the finish. Steve did 8.25 and I did 6.47. We were both pleased with our times. Dark Peak club - Isle of Man Photos

12th March - I have felt ok this week and on 11th march I trotted round the Wuthering Hike which is 31 miles with John Rowe as a team. For both of us it was a training run and we had a good time enjoying refreshments such as hot dogs along the way ! We hoped to do under 6 hours and so were pleased with 5.45.

5th March - on the 3rd/4th March our team "Three Blind Mice and a Farmer's Wife completed the Derwent Watershed in 11.24 hours. We were extremely pleased with our time as we were hoping to knock 50 minutes off last years time of 12.50 to get under 12 hours. We were also 9th out of 40 starting teams and 3rd Mixed Team.










2nd March -  On the 1st March I went for my last operation for a nipple reconstruction. It was done under local anaesthetic and I was in and out in a few hours. It felt like a real milestone and we celebrated when I got home.

Next weekend we (me, John, Nick, and Ian) have a team in the Watershed so we're planning for that all this week (and resting!). We have done it twice before but always in very cold and snowy conditions. Looks like it could be mild and boggy this time.


26th/27th January - I went on a trip to the Mamores in Scotland with a group from Dark Peak. We had a long day out on Saturday where conditions were for me very scary. There was a fair amount of snow on the tops but more worrying was the gusty wind that kept threatening to blow 9.4 stone me off the ridges. Looking back at the pictures it was a wonderful place and I can't wait to get back there. Saturday night was spent drinking copious amounts of tea then off to local pub for rounds of "Losers Stay On" pool. I think me and Tom were declared total losers by the end of the night !! Sunday was wetter and so we nipped up the Pap of Glencoe before heading home. This is the link to photos that were taken by Richard Hakes and Mark Harvey.


9th February - Good luck to Andrew Heading who is starting the 460 mile race along the Yukon on Sunday 11th Feb. You can sponsor him on Justgiving - Yukon Arctic Ultra and there is a link from there to follow his progress !!

4th February - Mickleden dawned. I promised myself to take it easy, not to worry about my time and being slow. I had done quite a lot of miles that week and didn't feel recovered from Scotland so set off slowly. I felt very heavy legged up Mickleden edge but once I got to Cut Gate was a lot happier and found the rest relatively easy.



11th January 2007 - I went for my operation on the 4th to replace my expander with a silicone implant. It was a bit of a shock to wake up looking like Jordan (well from my perspective!) but they have gone down quite a bit now and I am pleased with them.

1st January 2007 - I did the Bradfield Boundary with Dark Peak on the 30th December. Set off not feeling great but by halfway had picked up and finished quite strongly after 12 hours. The weather was much better than expected which I was glad of but it was very wet underfoot.12th January 2007 - I went to Wales with Amanda and Andrew this weekend (13th/14th) and reccying Snowdon and the Glyders. The weather on Saturday was very windy but warm. Amanda and I  hit the worse winds (that had us crawling) on our descent from Snowdon but by then it was too late to turn back. It was a hard day. Sunday then dawned a beautiful sunny day and I have never seen the Glyders looking so lovely. I started jogging quite cautiously but soon got into it and neither boob complained !!.

22nd February - I received an email this morning to say that the organisers have stopped the race in the Yukon at 340 miles due to minus 60 C conditions. Andy was well in the lead and has been declared the winner.