Paddy Buckley


 23rd/24th February - I went to Wales with Nick Cable and Tim Ray. On Friday night we stayed at Bryn Gwynant youth hostel - it was the first time I have used Welsh hostels and it was very good. On Saturday we reccied Llanberis to Capel Curig. The weather was better than forecast and the showers held off until 1pm but we did the whole of the Carnedds in rain and cloud. It took us exactly 8 hours to do the two sections which I'm really pleased with.

19th April 2008 - Aberglasyn to Llanberis. Pictures

6th April 2008 - Capel Curig to Aberglasyn. Pictures

26th January 2008 - Rhyd Ddu to Llanberis then up onto Elidir Fawr and Fach. Pictures


14th/15th April 2007 Wales with Mark Harvey, John Rowe, Nick Whittingham and Andy Plummer. The weather was glorious and in parts too hot.

2007 Recce's went very well with me increasing the length of the days until I was doing 2 sections on Saturday then the long section from Capel to Aberglasyn on the Sunday. My last recce was the 21st April when we went from Llyn Ogwen to Aberglasyn in 9.5 hours and I was very pleased with that.

April 21st Recce photos