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Jetwashed concrete
Jetwashing walls
Mucked out shed
R wall clean L wall not
Stage in
Floor levelling
Steve - worried
Levelling tools of trade
Floor levelled
Hardboard down
Had to break off to go mowing silage
Floor and mower
Floor completely laid
Bar area with boiler
Filling holes in
Boards lifting
Metal plates to stop corners of floor lifting
Plates - an ebay tale
Cutlery - same tale
Tealights - same tale!
Stage level
Stage 2
Bar in
Bar - varnished
Back of bar - cleaned and painted
Bar 2
Corners levelled - going under carpet
Corners levelled - and gaps siliconed - dance floor
Washing up area
Back of bar area
Table pieces
Table flowers growing
Wine Cooler
Steps in progress
Two chandeliers
Stage painted
Chandelier 2
Kitchen area in progress
Tarpaulins to keep out weather
Creep repairs
Creep repairs 2 (nothing to do with wedding)
Steve putting chandelier over bar
Steve falling off ladder not
Steps completed
Kitchen area and tables.
Hog roast
Calf's old stable
Back of stable leads to bar area
Calf's new pen away from bar area
Calf - not smelly honest
Orphan calf looking wistfully at cows
Landrover cleaned and polished
Landrover 2
Table pots redone due to storm damage
Budget carpet arrived
More carpet
Crockery all washed
Security 2
Mowing the carpark. Exit in far corner
Cars to be parked facing downhill
Campers to camp in top half of field
Carpet laid by NASpinks Carpet Services
With Tilly helping
Some tasteful ex hotel carpet blends in well
Carpet looking good.
Tango also found a comfy spot
Car directional arrows by SJBurgess Engineering
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Wedding Preps 3 001
Wedding Preps 3 002
Wedding Preps 3 003
Wedding Preps 3 004
Wedding Preps 3 005
Wedding Preps 3 006
Wedding Preps 3 007
Wedding Preps 3 008
Wedding Preps 3 009
Wedding Preps 3 010

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