Martyn's Last Munroe


Martyn turned out on a good weekend. The luxurious camping in the dodgy field behind his hotel turned out to be actually dry, with good views and exclusive to us. The dodgyness was getting to it - 20 yards of muddy, waterlogged farmer's track. No-one managed to find a dry route although many variations were tried. Most people resorted to muddy sandals while I preferred plastic bags !!


















On Friday me, Tom and Richard caught the 10am ferry and it absolutely tipped it down while we were crossing. As we landed the sun came out then on route to Salen it rained again. As we approached the sun came out again and stayed out while we put our tents up and had tea. Day 1 route consisted of a couple of Marilyns and other hills which would drop us down back at the ferry.




























The weather stayed remarkably good with us only having one shower. We missed the bus by minutes but with a bit of girl power got a lift all the way back to Salen (while missing another hard shower again).

Saturday was a leisurely start about 10am. The low cloud was adamant it wasn't moving at about 500m which meant no views from the top but it was a great moment to see Martyn completing this last Munroe. After fizz and snacks the "running party" set off (the wrong way) and came back and set off again (again the wrong way) and came back - but quietly so no-one heard us and went off the right but steep and slippy way. After that navigation was ok barring magnetic rock variations on compass bearings that we soon got used to.










































Saturday night was the celebratory meal in the local Italian restaurant which was a great night although one or two people had a little too much to drink maybe (Mr Plummer ) going on the repercussion on the journey home the next day.

I want to say thank you and well done to Martyn. I know we're all wondering what's next !!