Summer Series 2018

Dates and Routes

Please note that these races are run over remote moors and although it's summer the weather can be very unpleasant so suitable full body cover is recommended (eg wind or waterproofs). Navigation is required and so map and compass are compulsory.

We aim to finish by 8.30pm so if you think you will take longer than that please feel free to set off early leaving a note on your car with your name and time on it. As the races are self timed this will not affect your position.

Dogs are not allowed as most of the races are run on the moors where birds are nesting.

Date Event Route Map
9th April Race 1 - Back Tor and a little beyond Start 6.30pm Park at Strines pub - top carpark. Start - Gate to moors 223903, CP1 Back Tor, CP2 Walled enclosure 188903, CP3 Cakes of Bread, Compulsory CP4 Gate to moors 223903, Finish Strines Pub carpark. 223906 4.5m, 375m

23rd April

Race 2 - Broomhead Bash

Start Access gate, 241962. CP1 Sheepfold 232962, CP2 Fox Stones 213961, CP3 Footbridge 214952, CP4 Flint Hill 218947, CP5 Wall corner 236944, Finish Access gate.

14th May Race 3 - Bamford

Start 7pm - Park on the road (free) or the Heatherdene Pay & Display carpark (2.50 all day 24 hr cameras it says). Start gate leading to woods from Heatherdene carpark. Checkpoints on the Map.

UTMBamford.jpg.JPG (270766 bytes)  

4th June  

Race 4- Way Out West


Start 7pm. Park Westend. CP's on the Map. NOTE: CP 1  is the Scout Memorial just below the Tor.

18th June Race 5 - Witch Blacks?

Parking - Entrance to Woodhead Tunnel off A628 (Woodhead road).

 Start 7pm Gate on Track SK116995. CP1 Footbridge 122980, CP2 White Stones 116972, CP3 Aircraft Wreck 110975, CP4 Grouse Butt No 4 114993 Finish Gate on track.

25th June Race 6 - Rowlee Zigzag Details on Map

Rowlee zig zag 2015 (2).jpg (900681 bytes)

9th July  Race 7 - Moscar Moor Start Bottom gate at Cutthroat - 7pm. CP1 Stone circle, CP2 Wall Junction, CP3 Quarry Edge, CP4 Stone Circle, CP5 Trig, CP6 Stone Gate Posts, Finish Gate. See map for details and photos of CP's! 

Race 3 Word map 

Moscar Moor.jpg (508851 bytes) 

16th July Race 8 - Wicken Wizz Start 7pm. Park at Dog and Partridge pub on A628 - SE177011. Start/Finish - Access gate SE183010 CP1 Sheepfold SK172993 CP2 Skaratt Stone SK166991  CP3 Ruin SE163000 Stay within Access Land to Finish

30th July Race 12 - Brogg In Boots Strines Surprise Big Scale.jpg (344411 bytes)

Park on the road (see location map)

Start 7pm by Brogging Gantry SK 230906. CP1 Footbridge SK 233906, CP2 Boots Folly SK 230899, CP3 Ruin SK 236888, CP4 Grouse Butt 1 SK 240891, CP5 Footbridge 233906 Finish Brogging Gantry. 

Strines Surprise.jpg (526767 bytes)

6th August Race 10 - Hobson's Choice  Start 7pm. 

Park by Gas Works on Mortimer Rd. Start / Finish Access Gate SK 243926, 

CP1 Flint Spring 228946, CP2 Pond SK 209941, CP3 Old Cross 216928

Flint Hill spring (1).JPG (2210244 bytes) Flint Hill Landmarks (6).JPG (1554491 bytes) Flint Hill Landmarks (10).JPG (2242339 bytes)


Hobsons Choice.jpg (537861 bytes)

20th August Race 11 - Pike Lowe Direct Start - 7pm from Access Gate on Gill Royd Lane, CP 1 Pike Lowe cairn 209973, Finish - Access stile - 227988.

Pike Lowe 2015.jpg (403421 bytes)

17th Sept Race 12 - Simple Strines


Park in Strines pub - top carpark. Start 6.30pm from Foulstone Delf, CP1 Gate SK 215919, CP2 Stream Junction SK 201927, CP3 Square Building SK 204908, CP4 Gate SK 223903

NB - Finish - Strines Top Car Park (I forgot to mark it on the map)

If reccying do not cross the fence by the road in Foulstone Delf. Use either Foulstone track, then through a gate OR the road side gate marked Private further along the Strines road.



Summer Series