Summer Series

The Summer Series is a local race league run around the Dark Peak. This is not a Public event and you must email me if you have not taken part in the Summer Series before.

Please Read - From March 29th informal club competition is allowed in groups of 6 people. So initially I will run the Summer Series as

1) Staggered start on Monday evenings starting at 6pm. Please organise yourselves into groups if you want to set off together or just turn up, find the sheet, sign in and go. I will wait until 8pm for anyone that's signed in so please make sure you set off in time to return by then.

2) Self timed by completing the route between Monday morning and Wednesday night. Email me your time before midday on Thursday.


Last updated - 23rd July - Summer Series Race 14 Hobson Choice in the Heat! A few interesting comments about trying to find the pond - but its still there and has water in it! Even I ran far right so not to miss it this time. Lots of undergrowth hiding deep holes round the first spring too. Hope we haven't lost anyone !!

 Thanks Jim for your email and yes I'll keep all the races in especially as Tom Pape won so we're getting a variety of winners and bonus's awarded now!

Next week is the easy'ish Direct Line to Pike Lowe from Gill Road and back.


My email is



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