Summer Series

The Summer Series is a local race league run around the Dark Peak. This is not a Public event and you must email me if you have not taken part in the Summer Series before.

Please Read - From March 29th informal club competition is allowed in groups of 6 people. So initially I will run the Summer Series as

1) Staggered start on Monday evenings starting at 6pm. Please organise yourselves into groups if you want to set off together or just turn up, find the sheet, sign in and go. I will wait until 8pm for anyone that's signed in so please make sure you set off in time to return by then.

2) Self timed by completing the route between Monday morning and Wednesday night. Email me your time before midday on Thursday. Sorry but I will not accept times before Monday 6pm or after Thursday 2pm. Or to any other email than the one below. Or for a race if it's not that weeks route.

3) Other considerations are a) Adhere to Social Distancing if you meet anyone b) Be courteous to other runners and especially the landowners 4) Dogs are not allowed 5) Be self sufficient and so let someone know your route, when you set off and when you get back 6) Carry full kit - enough to keep you warm until your Virtual buddy/MRT can rescue you 7) If fast runners want to run other than Mondays that's fine and if times seem "too fast" then proof will be needed. Please can you not post the races on Strava as "Summer Series"  

Last updated - 18th June - Summer Series Race 8 Race 8 was Way Out West and I have uploaded the individual race results for this now. This week's race was Gusset race and I know I bashed around quite a bit in some rough ground!

Next week is a northern area route of Tour of Blacks ! Hopefully not too much undergrowth or midges. And I have put the details of Pete Davis's new route on Dates and Routes. !

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