Summer Series

The Summer Series is a local race league run around the Dark Peak. Anyone is welcome but dogs are not allowed. For 2017 we are introducing a bit of a Safety Plan. That is .. 1) All runners to complete the Contact Details Sheet the first time they run.  2) All runners must carry kit; waterproof and whistle as minimum 3) We aim to have all runners Finished by 8.30pm so if you think you'll be slower than this then please try and set off earlier letting someone know you are doing so.  All the above is documented here ...  Summer Mondays Runners Info This is the Rescue procedure ...  Summer Mondays Base Team Info


The tenth race in the 2019 Summer Series was Hobson's Choice and nineteen runners split into three starts then all finished closely together! The pond has split into two ponds which was confusing (see below). To appease Keith as he said it wasn't the proper pond so we headed off looking for the proper pond!

Tom Saville came passed us all chatting away to Josh (who was actually seen to glance at his map) and both finished together as a joint win giving opportunity for a few bonues to be awarded to us lessor mortals behind.

Thanks to those runners setting off early; it seemed to work with everyone finishing together. So we'll continue with having a 6.40pm and a 7pm Start.



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