Winter Mondays

2021/2022 These races are not public and you must email me if you haven't run before and would like to.

For 2021 / 2022 we can go back to Monday nights for everyone that wants to and also a window for those people that can't make Monday evenings between Saturday and Wednesday (so the Monday date is in the middle of the run window) and email me your time before Thursday lunchtime.

There are three rotating events:

1) Trail race - details and direction of travel on the maps. Let someone know where/when you are running if on your own in the dark. The route that is shown on the map must be followed. No shortcutting.

2) Road race. Start and finish at Bolsterstone Church. Reflective vests and head torches are needed and the races are self timed.  

3) Hill Training


Updated 15th October - The Winter Series started with Broggin Trail race and fourteen runners took part with Simon Dixon the deserved winner, collapsing over the finish line on Monday night! I have added the Dark points on but it's not showing in Race 1 column but it has added them to your total. It will do the same next week unless I can change it!

Next week is a road race from Bolsterstone. People are tending to meet/race between 6pm and 7pm.

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